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The Medichiron Oncology Centers are equipped with cutting edge diagnosis and imaging technologies. The equipment used for the early diagnosis of cancer include Force CT,  PET-CT, 3D Tomosynthesis Digital Mammography and Endobronchial Ultrasonography, all of which can determine the stage of cancer and are necessary during diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Oncology Surgical services are offered through a multidisciplinary approach at the Medichiron Oncology Centers. Oncology patients are offered a full range of services throughout their diagnosis and treatment including nutrition and psychology.

The Medichiron Oncology Centers are located within the Medichiron hospitals. This ensures that when necessary, patients are supported by other branches of medicine. Patients are able to fully utilize all the possibilities offered by the hospital including the operating theatres and the intensive care units. Turkey Hospitals which do not have a cancer center work in collaboration with those that do ensuring that patients are referred to the nearest Medichiron hospital for immediate diagnosis and treatment