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We offer healthcare service to local, out-of-city and foreign patients thanks to our central location in the center of the European side. A Hospital stands out in health tourism area with its several departments. We are at the service of our foreign guests with our international patient center.

Health tourism is an important alternative form of tourism which is rapidly growing in the last 10-15 years in Turkey and worldwide. The number of people exclusively traveling for medical tourism has exceeded 10 million.

Health Tourism is addressed under 3 main topics:

  • Medical Tourism (Procedures carried out in hospitals such as treatments, surgeries and etc.)
  • Thermal Tourism (Services offered in thermal facilities such as rehabilitation, relaxation and etc.)
  • Tourism for Elderly and the Disabled (Long-term stays in geriatric treatment centers or tablelands accompanied by social activities)

Main reasons for health tourism:

  • Insufficiency or absence of services with cutting edge technology and professional human resources in their homelands,
  • Desire to have a holiday in addition to having treatment,
  • High cost of healthcare services in their homelands,
  • Desire to receive more qualified healthcare service,
  • Not preferring that the surgery is known in their own country for any reason (aesthetic surgery, infertility treatment and etc.)
  • Tourism mobility realized by people live in countries where there is limited opportunity for holiday due to climate and geographical characteristics (traveling to countries having forests, tablelands, historical and cultural wealth) and demanding to have holiday in a country full of thermal facilities and thermal tourism opportunities.
  • Persons with chronic diseases, elderly and disabled persons desiring to see different places and have treatment,
  • Persons with drug addiction or other types of addictions desiring to be in different or more appropriate environments,
  • For a person’s attachment to life and desire for life


The first 5 countries by the number of international patients in the world include USA, Germany, Thailand, India and Turkey.

In our country, there are 48 healthcare institutions accredited by JCI and serving at international standards. In Turkey, private hospitals as well as university hospitals and public hospitals have also taken various steps to strengthen the health tourism infrastructure.

All hospitals serve according to the international accreditation criteria and are inspected twice a year. All transactions and coordination related with health tourism are under the responsibility of the Ministry of Health by law. The Turkish Ministry of Health established the Health Tourism Department and works on the development of health tourism in Turkey, publishes books and organizes summits. The Ministry is building the City Hospitals to increase the bed capacity.

The private, public and university hospitals, especially in Istanbul and Ankara, are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology in the world. Oncology treatments, cardiovascular surgery, brain surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, ophthalmology and dentistry services with advanced technologies are offered in several hospitals in Turkey.

The private and public hospitals built in the last 10 years are as equally good as the Western countries with their technological and physical facilities. Furthermore, Turkey ranks seventh in the world and first in the Europe in terms of thermal tourism resources. Well-equipped and well-established thermal hotels have been increasing built.

Turkey, a country embraced by natural beauties, historical and cultural lands, offering the best climate, combines all these qualities with the top-level health services offered by the hospitals and thermal facilities, invites you to take the advantage of our health services as an opportunity of healing for a healthy life.


World countries now recognize Turkey as the new healthcare partner and a rising medical tourism center. Combining its medical and thermal tourism resources, spa and wellness facilities with five-star hotels, Turkey offers quality and ideal tourism packages to health tourists.

Thanks to its excellent geographical location, Turkey is easily accessible for many countries in a short period of time. Turkey transferred the inherited hospitality tradition in its service concept in health tourism area. The guests coming to Turkey for treatment are provided with any kinds of services by the specialists and agency officers from the arrival to the departure.

Turkey has well trained and educated labor force in health sector. Thanks to the doctors and health care personnel who can speak foreign language, proper communication is ensured. Health tourists can easily find answers for any question in his mind. Also, health tourists are adequately informed by both doctors and nurses before and after surgery so that she/he has high spirits.

In Northern Europe and Scandinavian countries where rheumatic diseases are common due to disadvantages of climate, the demand for thermal tourism is higher. Our country with relative advantages in terms of climate, affordability, security, and transportation is in a highly advantageous position for medicine tourism, spa& wellness and thermal spring, old age and sport tourism, and it is vested with features appealing to every segment of society. Moreover, considering Turkey’s proximity, unique natural and climate conditions and cultural similarities with Middle East countries, Turkey is in a location which can be destination country in health and thermal tourism for these countries.

Thanks to recently provided visa exemptions for Middle East countries, facilities given on borders and other political and cultural relations, a significant increase in travels from these regions has been noted. Because of high health expenses in developed countries, the patients are in a tendency to obtain treatment services from the countries which gives health services with low cost to reduce their treatment services.

Experts predict that the demand for Dental and Plastic surgery will continue to increase with a high demand for overseas services and substitute for heart surgeries which is the basic element of health tourism. With high-quality and affordable healthcare service offers, Turkey is ready for serving approximately 1 billion people especially those from neighboring countries, within the scope of health tourism.